Founded in 1998,Specializing in Expansion Anchor Bolts and Cable Installation Parts.
Our Introduction

Manufacturer and Exporter in China

As a professional manufacturer and exporter in China,our products are exported to overseas markets.

History in The Industry

JingCheng was founded in 1998, located in Ningbo, China.As a manufacturer specializing in various series of  Expansion Anchor Bolts and Cable Installation Accessories.

Full Range of Products

JingCheng fastener-fixing,is your one online-shop fastener source, in here you can find every bolt, nut and washer products you need!

Quality Guarantee

Strict quality inspection management, with RoHS certification and other certification, provide product self-inspection report and authoritative third party test and inspection report.

Customizable Products

We can make the new products according to the samples & sketches provided by customers in order to meet the needs of customers for the special products 
Our Products

Since the day we entered the industry, we have been committed to providing first-class products, including steel expansion anchors, nylon fixing anchors and cable installation accessories and much more.


We are a mature manufacturer and supplier with high quality products. These products are made of high-quality raw materials provided by trusted suppliers in the market. We carry out strict inspection on our products to ensure that the products delivered to customers are free from any defects. With the progress of this business field, these are very precious.


Our Advantage
Manufacturing Advantage
We can develop and produce the new products according to the samples and drawings provided by customers. We inspect and test the quality of the products very strictly as international standard.
Product Advantage
Professional factory, safe, stable and reliable. The expansion anchor bolts and cable installation accessories are manufactured by automatic production line.
Service Advantage
JingCheng has experienced and professional team.We undertake ODM and OEM services. Products are mainly exported to Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other markets.
Recent News
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  • What are the applications of anchor bolts? Bolts are indispensable in daily life and industrial manufacturing. Bolts are also called the industrial rice. It can be seen that the bolts are widely used.The application range of bolts are: electronic products, mechanical products, digital products, elec

  • Anchor bolts are different from water stop bolts. Although they are similarly named, they belong to construction materials, but their application methods and functions are very different. Moreover, the appearance of the anchor bolts is very easy to distinguish. The shape of the anchor bolts is L-sha

  • In the production of anchor bolt products, in order to make the product better in terms of production effect, the stud bolt manufacturer pays great attention to the content of the product surface treatment during the production process. And in the specific production process, what kind of production

  • 1. Understanding of construction engineering The upper structure of this project is a steel structure, and the pillars are steel columns. The design drawings require anchor bolts to be embedded in the foundation construction stage for connection with the upper steel columns. This method has the cha

  • What is the installation process of anchor bolt? Anchor bolt is the screw rod used to fasten the equipment on the concrete foundation. It is generally used in railway, highway, electric power enterprise, factory, mine, bridge, tower crane, large span steel structure and large building. It has strong

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