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    In outdoor mountain or deep pit exploration and rock climbing, the bolt hanger is a kind of permanent anchoring and fixing appliance, which is fixed in the drilling hole on the rock as a kind of safety protection appliance and measure. Most expansion bolts are self anchored or forced by external force.

    Climbing bolt hanger is very common in outdoor rock climbing and indoor gym climbing. Generally speaking, bolt hanger or fixed hanger is a combination of fixed bolt and special stainless steel hanger, which is  designed to accept hook and ring. In some areas, bolt runner or no boom bolt, climber will bring hanger bracket and lock nut. There is a ring at one end of the ring lug bolt, so it is U-shaped embedded in the wall. Then put a climbing rope on the shackle. A quick pull or sling is usually used between the bolt hanger and the rope to reduce the resistance during lifting, securing and lowering.

    During climbing, bolts are used to support falling, but not to help to rise. In auxiliary climbing, hanging pieces can be used to help raise. Bolt hanger is made of high strength carbon steel after heat treatment or made of stainless steel, equipped with high strength steel expansion bolt. There is a round hole in the hanging piece for the expansion bolt, and an oval hole folded into a 90 degree angle is used to pass through the climbing rope. According to the round hole size, provide size of M10 and M12. After CJ/T476-2015 tensile test, the tensile strength can reach 35KN to ensure sufficient safety factor.

    First drill to the required depth and hammer the anchor into the hole, then make the expansion bolt through the round hole of the hanging piece, and then place the washer and nut. Tighten the nut to make the conical end of the expansion bolt enter into the metal ring to expand it. The device is ready with the nut tightened. Once the expansion installation is complete, it can not be removed and extracted. For the purpose of safety protection, it is recommended to drill the hole deep enough. When the bolt is exposed to outdoor rust and corrosion, it can be hammered into the rock.

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