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      Cable Installation Accessories are widely used for installing the cable line runing operating, especially, during the installation, they will solve the project that the cable lines are needed to move through some tight and small space site and helpful to complete the working to the palce which is hard to reach and to support the installer for connecting, earthing, identifying, and fixing your cables. 

      Cable installation accessories include cable wall bushing, fixing plugs, coaxial cable marker label, cable riser guard, etc. they are intended for provision of connections and cable installation of corresponding quality.  the designed for installation of various size cables, exploitation thereof in various temperature conditions, cable channels, plastic pipes, protective and warning tapes. 

      They have been developed and adapted through successful  technologs development to accommodate the evolution of cables and networks systems. They make the cable installation operating simpler and faster installation as well as the less material consumed and better care of the environment. The materials used to produce them are the environmental plastic as the RoHS certificate.

•  Very easy to select the kinds because the various accessories are fit for the different  cable sizes and the design variations according to the usage function.

• Easy to manage with the accessories installation workings and reduce consume.

• Easier and quicker to install under the usage of the cable accessories.

• Providing a continuity of electrical, mechanical and thermal performance consistent with

the cables on which they are installed.

• Having reliable service records.

To complete the installation operating together with the appropriate tools and other cable installation parts during installation.

cable accessories manufacturerscable installation accessories

cable installation accessories

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