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Cable Marker Label

    Cable Marker label is  made from environmental PVC plastic material complying with RoHS standard with non halogen, low smoke, non toxicity, UV proof features. They are formed into punched organized cable markers on the carrier. They are used to identify the cables and wire bundles  printing or marking onto the markers, he markers are attached by cable ties, this marker tag are ideal for applications where limited fire hazard characteristics are necessary, can be used in wide variety. The marker tags are good fluid, fuel, lube resistant performance and permanent immediately after printing or marking and remain stable. 

    It is tied with coaxial cable wire, data cable,telecommunication cable wire or other cable line and  to show the markings and notices with the marking pen on the surface of them used  in the cable installation industry.

   The size of  Length 100 mm X Width 25mm X Thickness 1.3 mm. There are in orange, red or white.We are able to produce the special sizes and styles as the customers' samples and the drawings. 

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