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Cable Padlock Seal

     Cable padlock seal are mainly used as tamper indicative seals for use  on power, gas, water, cable box and other utility instrument . Removement of these seals need to cut the wire shackle, That provide a clear proof of tampering. Plastic padlock seal is suitable for low and medium security applications. It  can only be used a single usage,Once being fixed, it will not fall off, the steel wire shackle must be destroyed in order to let the seal to be removed in each tampering. 

   The plastic panel of padlock seal is used to write or stick a adhesive label to record a date, phone number, contacting name, information,etc. Use a black felt tip marker or ink pen for marking. For maximum durability outdoors, apply clear tape over the printed information. Meantime, specially designed for coaxical cable line,widely used to mark the routing, service level, or installation or maintenance information of the cable wire installation projects. 

    It consists of plastic panel and SS or steel wire. The panel is made by acrylonitrile butadiene styrene(ABS)environmental plastic materials with UV proof, fire resistance complying with RoHS certificate. The wire is made by the steel wire galvanized or stainless steel materials with anti-rust and durable for usage.

     The different colour, size and style are available as customers' inquiry.

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