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Cable Parts

Cable parts are designed and produced to keep the same usage life as the cable line in the cable network systems. They will meet with the the demand of cable industry markets higher reliability with simpler quicker installation, less material inventory and greater care of the environment.
  • Metric & Inch Standard
  • OEM
  • 3925900000

    Cable Parts are designed to bear extreme environment and the place polluted for a long time. They maintain high reliability in both overhead and underground installations. The cable line includes indoor and outdoor terminations, inline, branch and transition joints as well as universal insulation, sealing and repair systems for use in the cable networks. According to the different applications projects, They are developed and met with the various usage. and the design of cable parts are easily installed in coaxial cable installation processes.

     Cable Parts are used in the coaxial cable wire installation industry. The most of the materials are made with Nylon,PE,PP,PVC plastic materials. They are used to protect the cable line through the wall or other objects when installation. Sometimes, Used together with the silicone in some places to prevent moisture penetration into the cable wire line through the wall when installation and usage.    

* Avoid overheating, to transmit through in the conductor. 

* Insulate the conductor from direct touching to the earth.

* Provide control at cable screen ends within the joint or termination.

* Ensure protection from mechanical damage.

* Protect against water proof into the accessories in both  buried and non-buried.

* Protect the environment raining, pollution, UV radiation.

* Protect the cable line surface and improve usage life.

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