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Cable Riser Guard 

     Cable riser guard provide all-around protection of copper cable fiber cable and coaxial cables connected to utilities,communication poles o communication exchanger box. It is a necessary and important component of cable network system that is particularly installed in the place where it is easy to cause accidental damage leading to both safety hazard and service interruption.

     cable riser guard have protection helps and avoid damage causing by impacting, mowing equipment, and other accidental cutting and prevent the vehicle  from rolling over and damaging the cable line. at the same time, with the development of science and technology and communication technology, especially the continuous development of 5G network, all kinds of communication optical fiber cables will enter into people's life more, resulting in all kinds of lines will cover indoor and outdoor living environment, and the reasonable and scientific use of the pressure trunking can not only prevent the loss of cables, but also make the cable system neat, so as to better living space.

     They are made from the hardness PVC materials,which compy with RoHS certifcate and have environmental protection, UV proof and fire resistance features. This high class pvc material is lightweight, non-corrosive, impact and chemical resistant. They provide a long, free maintenanceservice usage life and are resistant to color fading, cracking, and distortion caused by prolonged exposure to the elements, even in hot or cold weather

    Cable Riser Guard are in brown and black and with the size of  Height 25mm X Width 58 mm X  Thickness 1.7mm X  The normal Length 2.25 Meter suitable for loading the container space.  They could be drill the holes or without holes as customers' demand. The other colour,special size and style are available according to the customers' inquiry.

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