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Cable Wire Installation

To install and to pass dual and multi coaxial cable line through the entry opening in the wall.
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    cable feed through wall bushing designed for passing through the dual or multi coaxial cable lines are widely used for cable wire installation in the cable installation industry field, To use them , It is very helful for the the clean and safe  installation of coaxial cable line and to design the various innter hole diament of the bushings are suitable for the different cable line to pass through the bushings.

1). To drill a hole in the wall on the basis of the outter diameter of the bushing foot.

2). Pass the cable line through the hole of the bushing and put the bushing into a hole outside of the wall.

3). To seal the wall openings by the silicone glue and protect single coax cables when passing through the wall opening remaining water proof and rodent proof.

    The size of the oval inner hole 6.5 X 14 mm X Cap dia. 43 mm X Length 35 mm is for the dual coaxial cable wire installation.  The sizes of  the special hole dia.13 mm X Cap dia.33.5 mm X Length 33.5 mm and 16.8 mm X Cap dia. 44 mm X Length 33.5 mm are for the multi coaxial cable wires. 

   They are made from the high quality plastic materials conforming to RoHS certifcage. The white, clear,black, other color and the different sizes, style are available as customers' demand.

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