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Channel Nut Without Spring

The without spring type, The nut is tapped mm metric or Inch inner thread and the size of 34.5 mm Length X 19.0 mm Width X various Thickness to fasten with the bolt, used to install and fix the objects in the metal frame channel, U-channel steel structure and piping system.
  • Metric & Inch Standard
  • OEM
  • 7318159001

     Channel nut without spring belongs to Non spring type, it is one of the main components of metal channel ,steel channel frame system. Its design provides the necessary grip for installation and fixation, and realizes the convenient operation in the installation process. The channel nut is made of carbon steel stamping and inner hole machining.

     Spring nuts of different types and sizes are widely used in the pipeline, steel composite structure and channel steel frame system industries to facilitate installation and provide necessary clamping and fastening force. These nuts are made of high quality carbon steel and stainless steel to ensure strong durability and bearing strength. The surface of groove nut made of carbon steel adopts the process of electro galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing, which increases the anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion functions of the products. The spring nuts are inserted into the strut slots and use external threaded fasteners or bolts to achieve tightening and installation purposes.

    Channel nuts provide a quick and easy solution for mounting multiple products on one strut. The groove side surface of the groove nut and spring nut conforms to the groove design inside the flange, which creates safety fit, groove and texture, and improves traction and skid resistance during installation.

    The volume of the spring takes up the extra space in the channel. When installing, the nut should be flush with the inner corner of the channel, and no additional fixing is needed. It can be moved to the required position to tighten and fix it. The different lengths of the spring help to determine that the spring nut can be used for different channel profiles. Long springs are used for deeper channels, short springs are used for shallower channels, without springs can be directly used to fix by the bolts.

channel nut without spring

Item Code Thread Size       d (mm)  Width  (mm) Length (mm) Thickness    t (mm)
SPNTN-06 M6 19 34.5 6
SPNTN-08 M8 19 34.5 6
SPNTN-08 M8 19 34.5 8
SPNTN-10 M10 19 34.5 8
SPNTN-10 M10 19 34.5 9.2
SPNTN-12 M12 19 34.5 9.2
SPNTN-12 M12 19 34.5 11.8
SPNTN-16 M16 30 34.5 11
Item Code Thread Size     d (Inch) Width (mm) Length (mm) Thickness    t (mm)
SPNTN-140 1/4" 19 34.5 6
SPNTN-516 5/16" 19 34.5 6
SPNTN-516 5/16" 19 34.5 8
SPNTN-380 3/8" 19 34.5 8
SPNTN-380 3/8" 19 34.5 9.2
SPNTN-120 1/2" 19 34.5 9.2
SPNTN-120 1/2" 19 34.5 11.8
SPNTN-580 5/8" 30 34.5 11

**The Special sizes and styles are available.

**The stainless steel channel spring nuts are available, too.

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