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    Channel spring nuts are designed to install and fix piping, conduit fittings, channel structures, and channel section composite systems. They consist of a cuboid shaped nut with grooves on one side and a spring clamped on the other side of the nut. When the screw is tightening the nut, the threads in the groove are locked at the edge of the channel to hold the nut in place.

    The nut of the spring nut system is made of carbon steel or stainless steel, which is made by punching machine, and the inner thread pattern is drilled at the center of the nut. The length is 34.5mm and the width is 19mm. When the inner thread of the nut is larger than M12, the width is 30mm. The thickness of the nut is adopted for different specifications. The spring material is carbon steel and stainless steel. The length of long spring type is 38-40 mm, the length of short spring type is 18-20mm and the Non spring type is not assembled with the spring.

    It provides a simple solution for the installation of the spring nut on the pipe, channel structures or channel section site. The groove design on one side of the nut is suitable for safe installation. Grooving and texturing improve fixed traction and skid resistance.

    In the spring nut system, some spring nuts adopt special design. There is plastic at the top to clamp the nut, which has a flexible plastic like a collar to hold the nut.  Instead of a coiled wire, they are made of plastic coils or ferrule, which function the same as that of a wire wound spring. But it does not affect the perforated side of the channel. These types of spring nuts rely on their spring assemblies to hold the inside edge of the channel rather than pushing the channel in the opposite position.

    Channel nut with spring is used with the pipe or channel support system. The long spring channel nut is very important to the channel support system. They are inserted through the open side of the passage and then rotated 90 degrees, where their slots are against the return flange of the passage.

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