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Chemical Anchor Installation

The Setting Tools for chemical anchor stud. The external hex rod is for internal hex head style, The Internal socket for external head style. The hammer hit the flat head style for installation.
  • Metric & Inch Standard
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  • 7318159001

    Chemcial anchors use glass capsule that contain a quartz aggregate suspended in a chemical liquid base. The aggregate partical size is engineered to fill the void between the wall of the pre-drilled hole and the threaded anchor rod. thereby becoming an integral part of the concrete masonry or natural stone base material which can withstand high static and dynamic loads. the threaded stud of chemical capsule anchor is driven into the glass capsule using rotating action. the resulting interaction of the quartz aggregate and resin forms a permanent bond between the threaded rod and the base materials.

adhesive chemical anchor studs

   The chemical anchor threaded stud is pre-assembled a hex nut and washer. They are is made from carbon steel zinc plating or hot dipped galvanised. They are also made from the stainless steel with the high corrosion resistant features. The glass capsule is placed into the hole and the anchor stud is driven by setting tools or hammering and turning. 

chemical anchor boltsChina chemical anchor boltsChina chemical anchor studs

Main product features:

* High load performance.

* Smaller edges and space.

* Excellent chemical adhesion function and anti vibration load performance.

* Also used in wet and underwater fields.

* Wide selection of carbon steel and stainless steel materials and complete product specifications and sizes.

* Heavy duty fixing without radial influence of expansion forces can be used close to edges.

* To drill accurate hole depth is necessary.

* Used in the concrete, masonry, stone, solid brick wall, brickwork or underwater substrate.

* Allowed to be used in corrosive environment.

* The SS 304/316 chemical anchor bolt can be made as the same size as the steel chemical anchor bolt.

Chemcial curing Time:

In the dry substrate installation

Concrete  temp.℃ Curing Time
≥ 20 15 Min.
10 ~ 20 25 Min.
0 ~ 10 1.5 Hr.
-5 ~ 0 6 Hr.

In the wet substrate installation

Concrete  temp.℃ Curing Time
≥ 20 30 Min.
10 ~ 20 50 Min.
0 ~ 10 2.5 Hr.

 In the underwater  installation

Concrete  temp.℃ Curing Time
≥ 20 1.5 Hr.
10 ~ 20 3 Hr.
0 ~ 10 6 Hr.

Installation Instructions:

1. Drill hole either with an electric rotary hammer or a diamond drilling machine.

2. In reinforced concrete, the use of a diamond drilling machine is recommended.

3. Clean anchor hole through by using a brush and compressed air or water.

4. Before inserting the capsule into the hole, check the viscosity of the resin. at lukewarm tempeture, it should run easily inside the glass capsule.

5. Insert the capsule into the clean hole.

6. Stop rotation immediately upon reaching the bottom of the anchor hole. ratation of the rod should be done with a power tool that will rotate the rod by a rotating motion, which will provides sufficient rotation to mix the components completely. be sure not to over spin the rod. do not attempt to install the rods by hand rotation.

7. Observe curing time, the installed chemical anchor may not be disturbed or loaded before the specified curing time.

chemical anchor installation

Item Code Stud Size(mm/Inch) Max.Thickness Fastened Hole Size Hole Depth
CHEMA-08 M8 X 110 16 10 80
CHEMA-10 M10 X 130 22 12 90
CHEMA-12 M12 X 160 30 14 110
CHEMA-16 M16 X 190 38 18 125
CHEMA-20 M20 X 260 70 25 170
CHEMA-24 M24 X 300 65 28 210
CHEMA-30 M30 X 380 70 35 280
CHEMA-5/16 5/16 X 4-1/2 3/4 3/8 3-3/8
CHEMA-3/8 3/8 X 5 1 7/16 3-5/8
CHEMA-1/2 1/2 X 6-1/4 1-1/4 9/16 3-9/16
CHEMA-5/8 5/8 X 7-1/2 1-3/4 3/4 6
CHEMA-3/4 3/4 X 10-1/4 2-3/4 7/8 7-1/2
CHEMA-7/8 7/8 X 11-3/4 3-3/4 1 8-1/2
CHEMA-1 1 X 11-3/4 2-1/2 1-1/8 8-1/2
CHEMA-1-1/4 1-1/4 X 14-1/8 2 1-7/16 11-1/2

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