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Climbing Bolts and Hangers

The normal sizes are 10 mm and 12 mm, tested as CJ/T 476-2015 with the Tensile Strength 35-39 KN, made of the special strength alloy carbon steel strictly controlled heat treatment technology Or the stainless steel SS 304 or 316 materials, designed to used in various outdoor sports field to ensure security in rock-mountain climbing,caving,fire safe escape in high-rise building,etc. fixed and anchored by wedge expansion bolt in rock,stone,concrete substrate.
  • Metric & Inch Standard
  • OEM
  • 7318159001

    Climbing bolts and hangers are folded into right angles with smooth edges to avoid loss of shackles and climbing ropes. Being suitable for standard 10 mm or 3/8 inch bolts and 12 mm or 1/2 inch bolts. The breaking load is 35-39 kn. One expansion bolt and one bolt hanger are assembled. Bolt hangers are designed to ensure standing, protection points and rescue and rigging operations. The snap in point space is large enough to accommodate two shackles.

    In rock climbing, building climbing anchor is a kind of permanent anchor, fixed in the hole in the rock as a kind of protection. Climbing bolt haners are often installed on the external walls of high-rise buildings, which is conducive to the escape and rescue operations in case of fire.

    Climbing expansion bolts are common in outdoor rock climbing, deep pit exploration and gym climbing. Bolt hanger or fixed hanger is a combination of fixed bolt and special hanger, which is designed to receive shackles and then clamp a climbing rope to the hook and loop. A quick pull or sling is usually used between the bolt hanger and the rope to reduce the resistance during lifting, securing and lowering. In sports climbing, bolt hangers are used to support falling, but not to help to rise. In auxiliary climbing, bolts can be used to help lift.

Climbing bolt hangers shall not be close to edges, cracks, broken or loose areas. In hard rock structure, brittle or soft rock stratum should be avoided to ensure safety.The bolt shall be in a convenient clamping position to prevent rope dragging.

anchor hanger installationclimbing expansion bolts

* They are made of the special strength alloy carbon steel strictly controlled heat treatment technology Or the stainless steel SS 304 or 316 materials.

* Performed and provided the test report issued china fastener authority testing institution of CCT for the samples and batch products as CJ/T 476-2015 with the Tensile Strength 35-39 KN.

* The normal sizes 10 mm(3/8")  and 12 mm(1/2") are available.The special sizes and styles are also available as the drawing or the samples supplied by customers.

* The surfact platings have zinc plated,HDG, dacromet coating.

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