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Coaxial Cable Wall Bushing Black 8.0 mm

In black, internal hole Dia. 8.0 mm X Cap Dia. 31 mm X 30 mm Length. The other color and special style are available, The 4 rows of inverted gear teeth designed for the strong installation.
  • Metric & American Standard
  • OEM
  • 3925900000

    They have a  hole opening for passing through the cable line for installation after drilling a hole in the wall as the cross diameter of the two row inverted teeth of the bushing foot. The different inner hole diameter is used for the different outter diameter of the cable line and used in the cable installation industry field. 

    It is in black 8.0 mm,with the size of the inner hole Dia.8.0 mm X Cap Dia.31 mm X 30 mm Length. The different sizes, style are avaiable as customers' demand.

      They are produced with the high class environmental plastic materials, such as ABC, PE, PP, Nylon. They conform to the RoHS testing standard  and have the function of UV protection, fire resistance and environment protection. The other colour of the bushing are available besides the color in white, black, clear. 

    Cable bushings are mainly designed for the indoor useage on the brick wall or the concrete wall. Coax wall bushing as known cable wall grommet is the plastic grommet inserted into a wall to provide a clean appearance for coax cable line installation. They are a low cost and fast alternative to installing traditional wall plates.They protect the cable from sharp edges when application.   

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