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Concrete Drop In Anchors Half Knurling

Consists of a anchor body cutted cross groove and a conical plug inside to ensure full expanding function, pre-drill a hole and install with a punching tool to hit the plug. Metric, American and British Inch sizes are available with half-double-non knurling types on the surface.
  • Metric & American Standard
  • OEM
  • 7318159001

     Concrete drop in anchors is a kind of heavy-duty mechanical expansion anchor bolt with internal thread, which is used for anchoring and fixing the fixture objects in the solid concrete or masonry substrate. By current manufacturing engineering, The carbon steel drop in anchor is manufactured by multi station molding cold forging forming machine, which ensures the tightness of the product and greatly improves the production speed.

steel drop in anchor in China

       The minimum inner thread engagement should be equal to the nominal diameter of the thread insert. According to the different types of internal thread including American system, British system and Metric system. Among them, the outer diameter and length of the British and Metric systems are the same, only the internal thread is different. However, American system specifications have totally different outer diameter and length, so it is necessary to select product specifications reasonably according to different market. 

     It can be classified according to different surface shapes, including half knurling, double knurlings and non knurling types. The main production materials are carbon steel, stainless steel and a small part of copper materials.

The product is composed of an anchor body with a cross cutting groove and a conical expansion plug. Installation tool is used to insert the internal body of the anchorage and hammer the plug. The complete expansion of the anchor body is set by the displacement of the cone plug of the pre-assembled expansion mechanism.

concrete drop in anchors

     As with all internal thread expansion anchors, the specified diameter of anchor is the outside diameter of the anchor body.The outer diameter of the anchor is equal to the diameter of the hole that needs to be drilled in the concrete.The minimum embedment depth of each anchor diameter is the length of the anchor. The plug in anchors require anchors at the bottom of the hole.First, place the anchor bolt into the hole with the open end of the thread facing up, then insert a suitable setting tool and tap with a hammer until masonry drop in anchor is fully expanded.

Main features:

* Drop in anchor with lip or with flange eliminates the need for precise drilling depth.

* Provide manual and electric setting tool for quick, convenient and economical installation

The fixed depth stop bit can help you drill to the correct depth each time

* Short or Mini drop in anchor allows shallow burial to avoid drilling into reinforcement or prestressed and includes anchor compatible setting tool to ensure consistent installation.

drop in anchor installation

Material manufactured:

*  Carbon steel and stainless steel or the copper.

Installation Instruction:

1. Place the fixture in the required mounting position. Mark the location of the holes by marking the mounting holes on the flange.

2. Move the fixture away from the installation position.

3. Drill a hole according to the diameter and the depth.

Note: too large a hole will make anchoring difficult and reduce the bearing capacity of the anchor.

4. Blow out or remove as much concrete dust as possible from the drilled hole.

5. Insert the end of the anchorage into the hole and hammer until the surface is flush.

6. Return the fixture to the desired position and  Insert the bolt through the flange hole into the anchor.

7. Turn the nut on the bolt and tighten it.

drop in anchor bolt

Item Code Thread Size Anchor Dia. Anchor Length
DROAN-1/4 1/4 3/8 1
DROAN-5/16 5/16 10mm 30mm
DROAN-3/8 3/8 1/2 1-9/16
DROAN-1/2 1/2 5/8 2
DROAN-5/8 5/8 7/8 2-1/2
DROAN-3/4 3/4 1 3-1/4
DROAN-06 M6 / W1/4 8.0 mm 25.0 mm
DROAN-08 M8 / W5/16 10.0 mm 30.0 mm
DROAN-10 M10 / W3/8 12.0 mm 40.0 mm
DROAN-12 M12 / W1/2 16.0 mm 50.0 mm
DROAN-16 M16 / W5/8 20.0 mm 65.0 mm
DROAN-20 M20 / W3/4 25.0 mm 80.0 mm

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