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Concrete Lifting Inserts Cross Hole

Made of the seamless steel tube hollow end and designed a plastic inserted cap to prevent mud from pouring in, tapped another end RD, RB, mm, Inch internal threads widely used in the application of precast concrete construction site of lifting beam, wall or floor slabs for lifting,moving and fixing the precast concrete products.
  • Metric & American Standard
  • OEM
  • 7318159001

   Concrete lifting inserts with cross hole is made from precision seamless steel tube in the cross hole of the lifting inserts, and the inner part is hollow structure. The upper end of the cross hole is drilled with inner thread tapped by RD,mm, Inch or RB thread type, and the lower end has no thread pattern. The middle design is pre-installed with a plastic inserted cap, as long as the function is to prevent the concrete slurry from pouring into the product during installation, resulting in product scrap.

   Compared with the axial tension, the lifting inserts with cross hole has only half of the bearing capacity. There are also stainless steel materials used to make them with better anticorrosion and antirust properties than steel materials. Lifting inserts with cross hole must always be used with reinforcement. They are widely used in precast concrete construction, such as beams, walls, floors, etc. An rebar is inserted through the cross hole to transfer the load to the concrete. In order to distribute the force to the concrete, the  rebar is inserted through the cross hole of the socket, and it can expand or have parallel sides. In order to ensure the local force transmission of concrete, a certain edge distance must be observed. For safety reasons, the thickness of the panel shall not be less than a certain minimum value.

lifting inserts size

  Size  mm

  d        h         D        a         e    T

M12  X 40

RD12 X 40

12 40 16 8 22 0.5

M14  X 50

RD14 X 50

14 50 18 10 25 0.8

M16  X 55

RD16 X 55

16 55 21 13 27 1.2

M18  X 65

RD18 X 65

18 65 25 13 34 1.6

M20 X  70

RD20 X 70

20 70 27 16 35 2.0

M24  X 80

RD24 X 80

24 80 32 17 43 2.5

M30  X 100

RD30 X 100

30 100 38 22 56 4.0

M36  X 125

RD36 X 125

36 125 48 25 70 6.2

M42  X 140

RD42 X 140

42 140 54 30 80 8.0

M52  X 170

RD52 X 170

52 170 70 38 97 12.5

** The Metric,RD, Inch and RB thread styles are available.

** The special size and style are available as the drawings and samples.

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