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    Precast concrete lifting socket is used in the prefabrication place of reinforced concrete construction project are made of high-precision seamless steel tube or solid steel bar material through machine tool and lathe, which can realize high quality production. Prefabricated lifting elements can transfer forces directly to the concrete without additional reinforcement.

   Stainless steel lifting socket can meet the special requirements of customers. Lifting sockets are mainly used for the transportation and hoisting of concrete components. Similarly, these sockets are made of high-grade carbon steel and 316 grade stainless steel. They are used to handle and transport most types of prefabricated units. They can bear different levels of load according to different specifications and materials. Additional reinforcement must be added through the holes to transfer the force to the concrete. To lift and move or install and transport most types of prefabricated units. They are usually used for transporting and lifting precast concrete structures.

   If the lifting socket is used for a long time, such as later removal, or has permanent function in the structure, the series must be considered at the design stage, including lifting inserts and cylindrical sleeve with cross holes, reinforcement, corrugated tail, sleeve plate, high load foot anchor. After stripping, the concrete components can be transported by simple sling or hinged sling. Some types are available in the overloaded version. 

   They are widely used in the construction industry area providing effective lifting, moving methods for the precast concrete products and are fixed the heavy duty objects to fasten with the bolt or the precast concrete reinforcing bar.

* Made of the carbon steel (4.8 / 6.8 / 8.8 grade) or the stainless steel (SS 304 / 316) materials.

* Produce the tapping Metric,Rd, Inch, Rb internal thread styles are available as customer's require.

* The surface Zinc Plating, HDG or Dacromet are available able.

* The special style and size are available according to the sketches and samples.

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