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Concrete Screw Anchors

   Among the numerous fastener products which are used for anchoring and fixing in the concrete base structure, concrete screw anchors are a kind of widely used, simple installation, safe and reliable product. It is made of high strength carbon steel and then subjected to strictly controlled heat treatment process.

   The body is designed as a unique high-low self tapping double external threads, which ensures that it can be quickly and conveniently rotated into the pre-drilled pilot hole when in use, and the external threads can be firmly anchored in the hole wall, so as to ensure that there is enough tension and load strength between the anchor body and the fixture object during the installation.

   According to the different use place and installation purpose, the concrete screw anchors have external hex head, hex flange head, CSK head and hex socket product style. The hex flange head has high clamping force and anti vibration effect.

   The surface of them could be plated by the zinc galvanized, hot dip galvanized and dacromet coating. concrete screw anchor can be removed without affecting the base structure and screw forming. It is widely used in temporary or permanent anchoring of concrete, brick, hollow brick or block substrate. They  are particularly suitable for fixing close to edges or anchors, as they do not cause the surrounding base to burst due to expansion.

Concrete Screw Hex Head

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