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Concrete Threaded Inserts

The food is made by hot forging, no cross hole and tapped by rebar RB internal thread from RB 10 to RB 24 size or other special sizes available, used to fasten the steel rebar, installed in reinforced concrete site for fixing and anchoring reinforced structures and the heavy duty objects in construction industry .
  • Metric & American Standard
  • OEM
  • 7318159001

   The threaded insert is made of carbon steel, and the special-shaped foot is made of hot forging molding process without cross hole. It is designed for pouring reinforced concrete structure site, providing and forming a fixed point, so as to apply the load strength of concrete structural members and other fixing accessories to the solidified concrete structure.

   There are metric, RD and RB internal thread stype in the inner hole of concrete threaded insert, and the surface is zinc galvanized and hot dip galvanized. Its specifications and performance are designed according to different requirements.

   Concrete threaded inserts are simple to install and easy to use, which can improve the safety and reliability of anchorages. The product design does not have a cross hole and does not need to cross iron bars or steel bars to form the rated bearing capacity. They can effectively resist the influence of dynamic load. When installing and using, it is better to use plastic nail board to simplify installation and reduce dust and mud during concrete pouring. Threaded inserts are suitable for medium and heavy load applications. Because the inner hole is drilled into RB thread, the external steel rebar can be directly fastened with it and fixed into the steel mesh structure

*It can be used with other concrete fasteners for near or far fixed reinforced concrete applications.

*The design can be used with multi-level bolts and external thread reinforcement to achieve the purpose of connection and fixation.

*The design without transverse hole at the lower part of the waist ensures that the load carrying capacity is not limited by the steel strength at the cross hole.

*The design of the foot of the base ensures that the maximum concrete bearing capacity can be transformed without the use of cross steel bars.

*The design of RB internal dentition can be directly used with reinforcement, fixed to the reinforcement grid structure and embedded in the concrete structure.

concrete threaded inserts dimension

    Size mm


   L      F     C    T D
RB 10 X 40 10 40 25 11 13.5 16
RB 12 X 50 12 50 28 12 20 18
RB 16 X 75 16 75 40 17 34 22
RB 20 X 80 20 80 54 24 34 30
RB 20 X 120 20 120 54 24 40 30
RB 24 X 100 24 100 60 27 40 40

** The special style and size are available according to drawings and samples supplied.

** The tapping internal Metric,Inch, RD and RB thread styles are available as customer's requires.

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