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Concrete Through Bolts

Through Bolt or Through Bolt Anchor, Same as wedge anchor, Plated by yellow zinc, The clip is formed around anchor,assuring full expansion for dependable,superior holding power. Expanding clip will not fall of twist in the hole.
  • Metric & American Standard
  • OEM
  • 7318159001

    Concrete through bolts , through bolt anchor or through bolts is generally called wedge anchor in british countries. Wedge anchors include deeper buried carbon steel expansion anchors designed to increase load values and stainless steel xpansion anchors for continuous low temperature and polluting applications. The wedge-shaped plug-in anchor bolt can achieve greater tensile strength than the ordinary plug-in anchor, and is suitable for holes with unknown depth. Mechanical expansion anchors are ideal for fixed installation applications where the anchor spacing and edge distance are closer than those required for plug-in anchors.

    Steel wedge anchor is composed of a nut, a gasket, an expansion clip and a anchor body. The expanding clip wrapped in the conical rod body will expand along the downward direction of the rod body when it is tightened by the nut, and the expansion force will be generated. There are two types of product specifications: metric and inch system standard, which can meet the needs of different markets.

     Concrete wedge anchors have different types of steel and different coatings. The type of steel and coating to be used depends on the application environment. Galvanized carbon steel wedge anchors are used for dry indoor applications. Anchor bolts, nuts, washers and clamps are made of galvanized carbon steel. Hot dip galvanized wedge anchors are suitable for external applications subject to water or moisture corrosion. Anchor bolts, nuts and washers are made of carbon steel and hot-dip galvanized. The clamp is made of stainless steel. Wedge anchors are also made of two grades of stainless steel. 304 stainless steel has excellent corrosion characteristics and can resist a variety of organic and inorganic chemicals, but it is not used in salt water environment. Anchors are made of 304 stainless steel, nuts, washers and clamps are all made of 304 stainless steel. 316 series stainless steel has the best corrosion resistance and is usually used in harsh environments. 316 stainless steel anchors can also be used in salt water environments. 

    The installation process of wedge anchor bolt is fast and simple. The end of bolt with expansion clamp enters the pre drilling hole in concrete through the installation hole in the installation object. When the nut is tightened, the object is held. Concrete wedge anchors are used to hold fixtures in concrete. The concrete wedge anchor works by inserting it into a concrete drill hole. The wedge anchor is then expanded and wedged firmly into the concrete.

* The solution of anchoring objects is realized

* It is also suitable for use in seismic areas.

* Base structure suitable for concrete and grouted filled blocks.

* High quality materials and surface treatment make it resistant to salt water, fresh water, rain water or marine environment.

* It is used to anchor and fix the logistics equipment to the base surface

* Before installation, the installation holes need to be pre drilled in the concrete according to the outer diameter

Insert the unthreaded end into the mounting hole, then tap the top to embed into the installation depth.

* The washer is close to the installation object, and the nut is tightened to fix the object.

through bolt

Item Code Anchor size (mm)
Item Code Anchor size (Inch)
WAM-06040 M6x40 WA-14134 1/4x1-3/4
WAM-06055 M6x55 WA-14214 1/4x2-1/4
WAM-06070 M6x70 WA-14300 1/4x3
WAM-06095 M6x95 WA-38214 3/8x2-1/4
WAM-08050 M8x50 WA-38234 3/8x2-3/4
WAM-08065 M8x65 WA-38300 3/8x3
WAM-08080 M8x80 WA-38334 3/8x3-3/4
WAM-08095 M8x95 WA-38500 3/8x5
WAM-080105 M8x105 WA-12234 1/2x2-3/4
WAM-080120 M8x120 WA-12334 1/2x3-3/4
WAM-080165 M8x165 WA-12414 1/2x4-1/4
WAM-080220 M8x220 WA-12512 1/2x5-1/2
WAM-10065 M10x65 WA-12700 1/2x7
WAM-10080 M10x80 WA-58312 5/8x3-1/2
WAM-10095 M10x95 WA-58500 5/8x5
WAM-10115 M10x115 WA-58600 5/8x6
WAM-10120 M10x120 WA-58700 5/8x7
WAM-10130 M10x130 WA-58812 5/8x8-1/2
WAM-12080 M12x80 WA-34400 3/4x4
WAM-12100 M12x100 WA-34500 3/4x5
WAM-12120 M12x120 WA-34700 3/4x7
WAM-12080 M12x80 WA-34812 3/4x8-1/2
WAM-12100 M12x100 WA-34100 3/4x10
WAM-12120 M12x120 WA-78600 7/8x6
WAM-12135 M12x135 WA-78800 7/8x8
WAM-12150 M12x150 WA-78100 7/8x10
WAM-16105 M16x105 WA-16000 1x6
WAM-16140 M16x140 WA-19000 1x9
WAM-16180 M16x180 WA-11200 1x12
WAM-20125 M20x125

WAM-20160 M20x160

WAM-20200 M20x200

WAM-20300 M20x300

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