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    Zinc alloy double expansion anchor is a kind of anchorage for masonry, concrete or lightweight solid wall base structure for anchoring and fixing the objects. It is made of zamac material by die casting machine. The design has two heavy shields and two conical expansion nuts pre-assembled by a spring ring.One nut is tapped by american standard inch internal thread, and the other nut has no thread.

    When installing and using, it is necessary to drill an installing hole, screw the mechanical bolt into the conical expansion nut, and expand the zinc alloy shield to realize the expansion function and the installation and fixation of the objects.To drill a hole,  according to the cone nut internal thread and anchor body diameter. In the whole field of zamac masonry anchor, the most of them expand in the hole near the anchor bottom to prevent the bolt from loosening.

     The application characteristics of double expansion bolts are different from other masonry anchors products. Instead of the strong expansion at the bottom of the anchor causing a heavy grip, the entire anchor expands, but only slightly, to distribute pressure across the surface of the anchor body.

      Being suitable for the quality of masonry structure. In the wall fixed anchor system, most rely on the deformation of the part near the bottom of the anchor, once it enters the hole, it can prevent the anchor from loosening. Double expansion anchors are different from other masonry anchors. The bottom of the entire anchor does not expand sharply to produce strong grip, but expands slightly in size to distribute pressure over the entire surface area of the anchor.

    The double expansion shield anchor works well in a base material of dubious quality (i.e., soft or loose) as it extends over the entire length. This provides the maximum possibility of ensuring sufficient friction, thereby increasing the ability to obtain the minimum retention force.

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