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Double Expansion Shield Anchor

Supplying with 1/4"-3/4" sizes, designed two heavy zinc alloy shields and two conical expanding nuts, one cone nut is tapped internal thread, another is non-thread, used to anchor and fix the fixtures in the masonry, brick or light solid drywall substrate.
  • American Inch Standard
  • OEM
  • 7318159001

    Double expansion shield anchors are designed to anchor and fix the objects in masonry foundation materials (such as concrete, brick or block) structures. During installation, a hole is drilled in advance to place the anchor body. Then a mechanical bolt is clamped to the object, and then fastened into the anchor. By fastening the bolt, the conical expansion nut expands the shield and make the anchor body expand. And two different expansion points are firmly pressed on the concrete.

    In the expansion anchor bolt systems, most masonry anchors are unidirectional expansion devices. They can only be installed in, not moved out. In large and strong concrete places, because the concrete is very strong, the anchorage can exert enough expansion and fastening force on it without damaging the concrete. However, if the base structure is loose and soft or the volume of brick masonry is relatively small, if the ordinary expansion anchor is used, it will almost certainly make the brick crack or damage, in order to avoid the problem of base material. double expansion anchors should be used when the installed material is weak or the quality is poor. 

    They expand evenly and spread their control throughout the hole. This minimum expansion over a wider surface area still provides strong support without damaging masonry structures such as the brick structures.

1. According to the diameter of the anchor body used, the drilling depth should be slightly deeper than the length of the shield to ensure that the double end expansion port is flush with the base plane.

2. Remove the residue and impurities in the hole.

3. The anchor body shall be installed, the tapped nut with internal thread pattern shall be placed downward, and the double shield plate shall be flush or slightly lower than the base.

4. Place the installation object, insert the mechanical bolt through the object, and then insert it into the shield and tighten it.

5. The deep double head expansion body can increase the supporting force of masonry structure. If necessary, a pipe sleeve can be placed between the anchor body port position and the connected object, as if the anchor body is lengthened.

double expansion anchor installation

 Anchor Size Inch Min. Drill Dia. Inch Hole Depth Inch
1/4 1/2 1-1/4
5/16 5/8 1-1/2
3/8 3/4 1-3/4
1/2 7/8 2-1/4
5/8 1 2-1/2
3/4 1-1/4 3-1/2

**The zamac single expansion anchors are  available.

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