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EZ Anchor

W style head, designed heavy self drilling external threads and hollow body with the sizes of 13 X 32 mm and 13 X 40 mm, made of zinc alloy materials and used to anchor and fix the objects in plasterboard, drywall or light solid wall substrate.
  • Metric & American Standard
  • OEM
  • 7318159001

    Zinc alloy ez anchor for drywall is a kind of self drilling expansion anchor with integral design, which is used for hollow gypsum board and drywall board with light to medium loading. It has two styles of engineering nylon and zinc alloy. Zinc self drilling zinc drywall anchor is more suitable for wallboard with thickness of 10 mm to 25 mm. In actual installation, it should be used together with self tapping screw. Zinc ez anchor does not need to be drilled in advance, which can achieve fast and convenient installation and operation. However, its unique design and use function provide front wall locking and a toggle force bolt.

    EZ anchors can be installed in any position on the dry wall, or on the loose base and edge. If the nail behind the dry wall is encountered, it can also be installed normally. They feature a perforated tip that can penetrate the base to ensure an ideal anchor point. Tighten or remove self tapping screws and zinc ez anchor with a cross screwdriver. ez wall anchor is rust resistant, corrosion resistant and oxidation resistant. It is very suitable for hanging bathroom, kitchen accessories, mirrors and photo frames for interior and room decoration.


Suitable for plasterboard, masonry wall, drywall,particleboard.


-There is no need to drill holes in the base in advance with an impacting drill.

-It is made of high quality anti rust and anti-corrosion alloy

-It has stronger weight loading than nylon self drilling drywall anchor.

-It is easy to replace or dismantle.

-Save raw material cost and installation operation time.

- Various head  styles are available.

zinc ez anchorez anchor zinc installation

The Head Dia. mm The Length mm  Head Style
13 32     W 
13 40     W

*The special style and size are available according to sketches or samples supplied.

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