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EZ Wall Anchors

Triangle style head with the sizes of light duty 12 X 27 mm and heavy duty 14 X 27 mm, fastened with self drilling screw and made of zinc alloy materials and used for easy and fast anchoring and fixing the fixtures in plasterboard, masonry drywall.
  • Metric & American Standard
  • OEM
  • 7318159001

     It is produced by zinc alloy die-casting machine, which is made of zinc alloy material by one-step molding. It is composed of a cylindrical body, a flange end and a hollow central part. The outer layer is thick spiral self tapping tooth pattern and a sharp drilling end. The end of the hole has the function of a normally flat blade, which enables rapid and stable drilling into the base course. These parts form a common line and are offset from each other along the plane passing through the diameter of the cylinder, and these parts together form a point. The center part and the flange end part have a combined axial length, and the drill end has an axial length shorter than the center part and the flange end.

    According to different use sites and installation purposes, zinc ez wall anchor has a variety of head types, mainly using the sharp cutting edge head to reduce the force required to attack and cut materials, making it a self drilling anchor without pre drilling, ensuring the maximum support strength after entering the base. It is an ideal zinc ally anchor for installation and fixing of drywall substrates. It is a kind of wall anchor used in fragile materials. It is widely used in gypsum wallboard, man-made fiber board and light brick concrete wall. The strength and load-bearing capacity of ez anchor zinc is much stronger than self drilling nylon drywall anchor systems.

     Ez anchor drywall anchor realize the easy and fast installation workings, not to pre-drill guide hole, used self tapping screw and cross screwdriver tool for installing, being clean and tidy, no noise and dust. The features of zinc alloy material is anti rust, temperature, corrosion resistance and protection environment. Meantime, to be easy to be removed and replaced without damaging installing structure.

easy wall anchoreasy wall anchor installation

The Head Dia. mm The Length mm  Head Style
12 27 Light duty triangle
14 27 Heavy duty triangle

* The various head styles are available.

*The special style and size are available according to sketches or samples supplied.

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