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Eight advantages of steel drop in anchor

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Eight advantages of steel drop in anchor

  • 1. Wide applicability. As long as the thread size of the male part matches, it is suitable for any type of anchor head.

  • 2. Choice of construction method. It can be preset at a fixed point according to the requirements, or drilled (installed) in a single construction and supplementary drilling. Its function is completely consistent with the effect.

  •   3. High construction success rate. There is no depth of the matching hole and it is troubled by the inclination of the drilling hole.

  •   4. High-knock design. Full-tooth taper expansion special upside down hook design.

  •   5. Locking and anti-loosening effect. The special design of full-tooth taper expansion uses the reverse thrust effect to lock the workpiece tightly.

  •   6. Perfect design thinking. Short and concise, suitable for all commercially available screws, DIY and the most satisfactory construction optional parts for construction.

  •   7. Ensure the expansion of the anchor bolt. Metal plate pressed products, patented full-tooth taper expansion design, strong gripping ability without idling, no professional construction skills required.

  • 8. Disposal without trouble. As long as you withdraw from the anchor work piece, apply a filler to restore the plane, without the trouble of removal and the risk of bumping.

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