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Elephant Foot Inserts

Produced by multi position cold heading machine, without cross hole, drilled mm, RD or RB internal thread,made of carbon steel and used to lift,move prefabricated components or embedded in reinforced concrete for fixing and anchoring reinforced structures and the heavy duty objects in construction industry .
  • Metric & American Standard
  • OEM
  • 7318159001

   This kind of elephant foot insert is made by multi position cold heading machine, and is designed to be without cross hole. The production material is carbon steel with special impact resistance and wear-resistant steel cold heading at the foot and head.The utility model belongs to one of the products in the prefabricated threaded  insert socket lifting system, which is an economic and effective prefabricated lifting products.

    It is suitable for lifting and moving various prefabricated products. It is specially designed for safe lifting or fixing of precast concrete components in different concrete environments and site conditions. At the same time, it is installed in the concrete structure and poured together with the specified reinforced mesh cage. After the concrete solidifies and hardens, the bearing load strength is transferred to the concrete through the arch foot. The use of external thread reinforcement, thread bar or bolt products and elephant foot insert of internal thread of the long hole of mutual fastening, to achieve the reinforced concrete products and heavy installation of the role of fixing and anchoring objects.

elephant foot inserts drawing

    Size mm


   L      D     D1    T
M/RD8 X 40 8 40 12 20 4
M/RD10 X 50 10 50 14 26 4
M/RD12 X 55 12 55 16 32 5
M/RD16 X 60 16 60 20 40 6
M/RD20 X 100 20 100 26 50 10

** The special style and size are available according to drawings and samples supplied.

** The tapping internal Metric,Inch, RD and RB thread styles are available as customer's requires.

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