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Flat Plate Lifting Sockets

Flat plate foot and lifting socket body are welded together,used for fixing and lifting in precast concrete construction industry to fasten with the bolt or stud. The special size and the tapping thread Metric, RD, Inch are available.
  • Metric & American Standard
  • OEM
  • 7318159001

   Flat plate lifting sockets are welded by solid flat steel plate and lifting socket made of precision seamless steel pipe. It is used to lift precast concrete slab with lower height, and can also be used to fix and anchor in reinforced concrete structure. The lifting socket welded to the socket allows the reinforcement to be positioned directly on the flat steel plate. The flat plate socket is made of high quality precision steel pipe. Both stainless steel and high grade steel are available. The Metric and RD threads can be customized according to customer requirements.

   Flat lifting socket is an ideal choice for large and thin precast concrete members. Due to the thin thickness of the components, it is difficult to place the common lifting sockets on it. Additional reinforcement must be used to transfer the load into the concrete. The flat lifting socket is used for the concrete part with the minimum depth of concrete. Plate steel allows reinforcement to be placed on the surface to ensure that the force is transferred to the concrete. Low profile lifting sockets with pedals are suitable for use perpendicular to their maximum surface. The foot plate is fully welded to the socket to effectively seal the insert.

flat plate lifting socket dimension

     Size   d  D A  X  B T   L
RD 12 X 35 12 15 25 X 25 4 35
RD 14 X 40 14 18 35 X 35 4 40
RD 16 X 45 16 21 35 X 50 4 45
RD 18 X 50 18 24 45 X 55 5 50
RD 20 X 55 20 27 55 X 60 5 55
RD 24 X 60 24 31 60 X 70 5 60
RD 30 X 75 30 40 80 X 100 6 75
RD 42 X 100 42 54 120 X 130 8 100
RD 52 X 120 52 68 140 X 150 10 120

** The special size and stype are available as size drawings and samples supplied.

** The tapping Metric and RD thread styles are available as customer's require.

* The surface zinc plating, HDG or Dacromet are available.

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