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  In the expansion anchor bolt system, zinc alloy expansion anchor is designed and used to fix and install the fixtures or structure in the base structure such as concrete or masonry. Zinc hammer drive anchor is one of the many zinc alloy expansion anchors, which is pre assembled by zinc alloy expansion body and iron nail. The lower end of the expansion body is designed as a straight fork, without internal and external threads, and without other accessories. 

   The head is shaped like a mushroom head with a circular inner hole. An iron nail is pre installed. In actual use, the head of the iron nail is directly hit by a hammer until the head of the iron nail is flush with the mushroom head of the expansion body. With the nail nailing into the expansion hole, the lower end is fully split to produce expansion function to bear the external load. The design is ingenious, the installation is fast and convenient, and it is suitable for various materials, It includes concrete, solid block, brick wall or brick wall.

    It is widely used in various places and engineering projects. When used with structural steel members, they can also be used to firmly adhere the embedded plate to the concrete foundation, suitable for fixed installation with medium and high strength.

   Mushroom head type is widely used in zinc alloy hammer drive anchor. The Metric and Inch specifications are completed. High grade zinc alloy material is used as the material, which is free of harmful ingredients such as lead and mercury. The expansion body can be galvanized, and stainless steel nails can be provided to strengthen the anti rust and anti-corrosion performance if there are special needs in special places.

* According to the outer diameter of the expansion body, drill an installation guide hole with an impact drill and to remove dust and waste residue.

* Insert the zinc alloy hammer anchor to clamp the fixed object.

* Hit the nail head directly with a hammer.

* If the head of the steel nail is even with the mushroom head, the expansion performance will be produced and the installation operation will be completed.

zinc hammer drive anchor installation

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