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Hanger Climbing

Widely used in various outdoor climbing sports and exploration of deep pits in high mountains field to ensure security in rock-mountain climbing,caving,fire safe escape in high-rise building,etc. fixed by wedge expansion bolt in
rock,stone,concrete.Made with the special strength alloy carbon steel strictly controlled heat treatment technology Or the stainless steel SS 304 or 316 materials, Tested as CJ/T 476-2015 with the Tensile Strength 35-39 KN. The normal sizes are M10 and M12.
  • Metric & American Standard
  • OEM
  • 7318159001

    Climbing hanger is made of high strength carbon steel by cold stamping, and then made by strict heat treatment. Product surface is zinc plating or hot dip galvanized. Special outdoor environment and special application purpose can be made of stainless steel. Its strength is higher than that of carbon steel, and it has the function of anti rust and anti-corrosion. High strength carbon steel or stainless steel expansion bolts are required for use. 

    Rock climbing hanger is designed with a circular hole for passing through the expansion bolt. The hanging piece is folded into a 90 degree angle to facilitate the climber to place the foot. The oval hole in the middle is used to pass through the climbing rope. The edge of the oval inner hole is polished and passivated to prevent damage to the climbing rope. According to the diameter of the round inner hole and the size of the expansion bolt, the common specification has the size of M10 and M12. After strict CJ/T 476-2015 tension test, the tensile strength can reach the safety factor of 35-39KN.

    These convenient devices can help climbers to be safe on the rocks outdoors. To use anchors and hangers, climbers first drill a hole in the rock surface and then prepare an expansion bolt. These permanent protectors will be placed on the surface of the rock and left to other climbers.Climbing bolt hanger is an important equipment. Climbers use a quick pull device attached to the hanger to provide them with better safety when climbing.

    Drill a hole with the correct diameter and depth. The expansion of the steel sleeve is then achieved by turning the nut and pull the sleeve to the bolt. Gradually tighten until the nut is tight.The gasket and device are safe. This type usually requires holes to clean thoroughly to make the tapered end bite.

     The center hole of climbing hanging piece is characterized by chamfered hole edge to reduce the wear of hook and ring. If the rock is soft or the composition is not uniform, such as sandstone and limestone, any climbing anchor bolts are not enough to withstand heavy load, and the appropriate expansion bolt should be selected according to the strength of the bedrock material.

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