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Hex Rebar Connectors Round Heads

Designed two round heads and hex middle, tapped RB internal threads with the sizes of RB 10 to RB 20 and used to connect and fix the steel rebar in reinforcement construction industry.
  • Metric & American Standard
  • OEM
  • 7318159001

   In various reinforced concrete structures, combined with the design and functional characteristics of round and hexagonal steel rebar connectors , This kind of rebar connector is designed with two round head ends and kept the outer diameter of  head the same as the size of the opposite side of the outer hexagon in the middle. In this way, it is convenient to insert reinforcement easily during the installation and the middle fastening force during the connection.

    During the use of building structures, the corrosion of steel rebars will lead to the delamination and spalling of concrete. because the lap joint transmits the load through the surrounding concrete, when the concrete disappears, the lap joint has actually failed. Mechanical splicing does not depend on the load transfer of concrete, so it maintains the integrity of the structure.

   The mechanical rebar coupler is designed to connect any rod to rod connection, and its size is the same as that of a bar which can rotate freely. The two ends of the coupler are processed into rebar threads, and the two ends of the rebar are connected to form a mechanical joint. This simplifies the splicing of steel bars in the crowded area of steel, making the splicing easier. The design of the internal reinforcement denting allows the rod to be quickly aligned and engaged within the connector. Rebar couplers create couplers that connect rebar or fabric, and the rebar ends contact and parallel the rebar couplers as part of the rebar couplers and anchoring tools. The use of rebar couplers with other concrete anchorage fasteners helps to model and manage the forced rebar couplers used to connect two rebar end anchors, devices located.

rebar coupler systems

rebar connector sizes

       Size    RB In-Thread (d)   L   mm   F  mm C  mm F1 mm
RB 10 X 50 10 50 18 20


RB 12 X 60 12 60 20 22 20
RB 14 X 65 14 65 22 24 22
RB 16 X 90 16 90 24 28 24
RB 20 X 100 20 100 30 35 30
RB 24 X 105 24 105 36 42 36
RB 30 X 120 30 120 46 54 46

** The special style and size are available as the size drawings and samples supplied.

** The tapping Metric, Inch, RD and RB internal thread styles are available as customer's requires.

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