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Hex Steel Rebar Coupler RB Thread

Tapped RB thread hexagon body yellow zinc plated and made of the hex steel bar with the internal RB thread from RB 10 to RB 30 supplied with special size as customers' inquire,designed to connect 2 steel rebars in the reinforced concrete site of the construction project.
  • Metric & American Standard
  • OEM
  • 7318159001

    The outer hexagon steel rebar coupler is made of outer hexagon solid steel bar, and the CNC machine tool is used to tap the inner RB thread which can fasten the steel rebar according to different specifications of rebar thread. This design is convenient in the construction site. It can directly connect the two rebars, without making the head of the rebar into the external bolt for fastening connection.

   The standard taper thread joint is suitable for connecting two members of the same diameter, one of which can rotate. It consists of a female sleeve with two right hand threads tapering toward the middle of the connector. The rod end is a square cut and a tapered thread is cut on the rod. In the steel threading workshop, couplers are usually twisted onto the steel bars, with internal plastic end caps protecting the threads. The threaded end of the continuous rod is protected by a plastic thread protector. The engagement of the rod in the connecting rod is simplified by the tapered thread design to facilitate alignment. When the connecting rod is fully engaged in the coupling, the continuing rod is tightened using a torque wrench.

   In reinforced concrete structure, steel rebar coupler is used instead of common steel lap joint. Couplers are also suitable for reinforced concrete columns and walls. Each rebar connector is composed of one rebar. From the installation direction, the right end of the rebar is equipped with thread and connection sleeve. In construction joints, reinforcement joints may be used instead of all reinforcement passing through the formwork.

rebar coupler installationrebar coupler specification

       Size    RB In-Thread (d)   L   mm   F  mm C  mm
RB 10 X 50 10 50 18 20
RB 12 X 60 12 60 20 22
RB 14 X 65 14 65 22 24
RB 16 X 90 16 90 24 28
RB 20 X 100 20 100 30 35
RB 24 X 105 24 105 36 42
RB 30 X 120 30 120 46 54

** The special style and size are available as the size drawings and samples supplied.

** The tapping Metric,Inch, RD and RB thread styles are available as customer's requires.

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