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How To Install Expansion Anchor Bolt

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Expansion Anchor Bolt  Some of the installation process is equivalent to simpler installation. Today there is an anchor bolt factory to give you a short answer to the foundation installation of anchor bolts.

  • check the cement You need to check the consistency of the wet cement. Find out if it is strong enough to accommodate the anchoring footprint when introduced.

  • Anchor bolts and anchor bolts are added to the wet cement. Place the bolts straight in place one by one.

  • Put the anchor bolts in place After fixing the bolts in place, push them into the cement until only 1.5-inch bolts can be seen from the outside.

  • Fix the anchor bolts Now that the bolts are in the correct position, you need to let the cement rest. This will cure it to hold the bolt firmly.

  • Check the anchor bolts. Wait 2 to 4 hours, and then continue. After standing for a period of time, check whether the anchor bolts are fixed by cement. Pulling them will show the strength of the cement grip.

  • Precautions after installation In most cases, a back baffle must be placed on the anchor bolts sprayed from the cement foundation area.

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