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How to install expansion anchor bolt

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1. Installation and protection of  expansion anchor bolt 

Although the installation of anchor bolts is simple, we must take protective measures and wear work clothes and helmets to avoid cement erosion during work. This can effectively prevent skin irritation and allergies. If you are working on a construction site, wear The upper helmet can effectively reduce the fall of the head and reduce the damage.

2. Preparations for Anchor Bolt Installation In the foundation area for anchor bolt installation, we must carry out construction in accordance with the detailed drawings given to us by the engineer.

 3. Whether the cement is qualified The wet cement mixture is made by mixing cement and water. Use a wheelbarrow to mix the cement and water until the proper consistency is reached.

 4. Precautions for the installation of anchor bolts Be careful when mixing dry cement. Make sure to do this in an open place, as the dry cement will irritate the nasal passage area.

  5. Ensure that the cement is introduced correctly. Use a shovel to introduce the wet cement. Make sure to fill the hole to the edge. Wet cement should not be too watery, because it cannot achieve its purpose. The consistency should be more like cake batter.

  6. Use a cement knife to smooth the cement. Before installing the anchor bolts, you must slightly smooth the wet cement. Smooth the area with a garden blade. Even after smoothing the surface with a trowel, it’s okay if the surface of the tab is not smooth, it will eventually be covered

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