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How to use steel drop in anchor and chemical bolts with each other

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1. For general building curtain walls,steel drop in anchor are completely used to calculate embedded parts. There are only two reasons for setting them: First, some big cities clearly do not allow the tension of rising bolts to be applied. In this way, only two chemical bolts were designed according to the calculation during the entire layout representation and calculation, and the expansion bolt did not remember its compression resistance. Second, when performing electric welding, this design can ensure the structural safety measurement of chemical bolts after thermal damage. In fact, the design value of the compressive strength of the expansion bolt is not less than C30, and each manufacturer also provides the relevant test report and the design value of the tensile strength. Therefore, we have established a foothold from the aspects of structural connection safety and economic development.

      2. Regarding the selection of chemical bolts, the top friend of the pot said that now he can display the design value report of the compressive strength after heat loss of electric welding. It is recommended to use the back-cut expansion bolt connection when there are welding regulations and the bolt manufacturer cannot provide a report. Naturally, the cost of economic development will be high.

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