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Lag Bolt Concrete Anchor

Supply with long style and short style with the sizes of 1/4" - 3/4" to expand with the lag screws to fix and anchor the fixtures in masonry, brick or block substrate. The long style for the hard masonry site, the short style for the soft site.
  • American Inch Standard
  • OEM
  • 7318159001

  Lag screw shields anchor is specially designed for mortar joints of concrete, block and brick and soft base course. They are made of two pieces of heavy zinc alloy shields, which are combined by locking clips. They have non internal thread, so they need to be fastened with lag bolt to realize expansion function.

    There are two kinds of products, long style and short style. Their design principle and function are the same, the length is not the same, the outer diameter of the same specification and the outer diameter of the drilling hole are the same. When they are installed in the soft or weak masonry structure, the long style can play a better strength. But in the hard masonry structure, because of the shallow drilling depth, the short style can not only shorten the drilling time, but also achieve better expansion coefficient.

    The anchor size of lag screw shield is specified as screw size (diameter) X anchor body length. For both long and short styles, the size are available 1/4"- 3/4". During installation, drill an installation hole about 13 mm deeper than the length of the anchor body. Drill a hole on the base material with hammer drill and correct size cemented carbide drill to remove the residue and impurities in the hole. Insert the anchor body into the hole, knock it with a hammer, embed it into the anchor body, and place the end of the anchor with the lock locking clips upward,Place the anchor flush with the base course or slightly lower, place the anchor on the anchor, and screw the lag screw of appropriate size through the anchor into the anchor body

    When installed in mortar joints, rotate the anchors so that they expand on the block or brick rather than on the mortar. Use a matching lag screw to fully engage the overall length of the lag expansion.

how to install lag screw shield anchor

Anchor Size Inch  Drill Dia. Inch  Embedment Inch
1/4 1/2 1
5/16 1/2 1-1/4
3/8 5/8 1-3/4
1/2 3/4 2
5/8 7/8 2
3/4 1 2

***The Long Style and Short Style are  available.

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