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   The  lag bolts and anchors  is the best masonry anchor with the corrosion and rust prevention performance. Desisgned with the short and long styles. the heavy internal threads for fastening and inserting the lag screw bolt to expand for fixing the objects when installation and used in masonry, concrete site.  and it installs being equal to the substrate surface. Being available the sizes from 1/4” to 3/4” in both the short  and long length styles.

  • Used in concrete, masonry or brick substrate to fix the objects.

  • Consisting of two zamak held together by two small locking tabs. 

  • The short style for hard masonry, the long style for soft. 

  • To install with the screw to expand the anchor body.

  • The special style can be made according to sketch or sample.

We can make the new products according to the samples & sketches provided.Most of our products are exported abroad for good quality, competitive price and super-service.
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