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Lifting Socket with Cross Hole

   It is usually placed in a predetermined position before concrete pouring, placed in a fixed position and permanently placed in the concrete component, made of high-quality hollow seamless steel tube,  a cross hole is drilled at the lower end of the lifting socket and used to pass through the steel pin or lifting loop equipment in actual usage. The upper part of the cross hole is drilled with internal thread, and there is no internal thread at the lower part. At the same time, a plastic insert cap is pre-assembled. It is designed to prevent the internal thread from being damaged due to the pouring of concrete slurry into the lifting socket body  during the installation and pouring, which can not be fastened with the bolt or other lifting and fixing equipment. The main materials used to manufacture them are the carbon steel 4.8 grade--8.8 grade and the stainless steel 304 and 316. The internal threads available are Metric(mm), Inch, RD and RB styles. The surface of them are plated by zinc plating, hot dipped galvanized and dacromet coating.

   In the actual construction site, after the installation, the head of lifting socket must be covered to prevent mud or impurities from entering the body inside. But once in place, they become the connection points of the lifting tackle, making it easier to lift, transport and move the prefabricated products. At the same time, some prefabricated lifting sockets are installed in the reinforced concrete foundation construction site to fix the rebars and other heavy duty fixtures, so as to achieve better construction load and concrete structure strength. It can be used together with other fasteners.  We are able to produce special styles and size dimensions according to the sketches and samples supplied by customers.

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