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Lifting Socket with Special Foot

   The lifting socket system products are used together with lifting anchors in reinforced concrete structures. their function and scope of use are as important as them. It is necessary to ensure the stability of lifting socket performance, so as to ensure that the sockets can directly transfer the force to the concrete without additional reinforcement.They are widely used to transport, lift and fix concrete components. So as to complete the purpose of lifting, moving, fixing and anchoring the prefabricated reinforced parts.

   The lifting socket for precast with special foot is made of black carbon steel. According to different places of use and specific functional requirements, some adopt machining technology of machine tool to make the enlarged foot, some directly weld the square steel plate to the foot, or adopt heat treatment and heat forging production technology to make the special foot shape. The middle cross hole is used to pass through the steel bar or rebar, and is embedded in the concrete. They are widely used in precast concrete construction, such as beam, wall, floor,etc.The load is transferred to the concrete through the cross hole passed through the rebar.

   The product surface treatment includes galvanizing and hot dipped galvanizing steel. They can also provide stainless steel materials for manufacturing. The distance from the edge of the concrete and the distance between the lifting sockets must be constructed in accordance with the building requirements.The concrete lifting socket system provides a simple, fast and safe anchoring and positioning solution for prefabricated parts.The internal threads are tapped according to the customer's specific require.

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