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Long Spring Channel Nut

​Supplying with the sizes of Length 34.5 mm X Width 19 mm assembled the long spring type 38-40 mm length,The normal short spring type 18-20 mm length and the without spring type, made of the carbon steel or stainless steel materials and used to install and fix the pipe,channel structures and channel section composite systems.
  • Metric & Inch Standard
  • OEM
  • 7318159001

    The spring nut is an integral self-locking nut, which is fixed with screws to prevent it from loosening due to vibration. The long spring nut is suitable for the installation and fixation of fixed frame channel, profile combination and channel steel structure and piping system.

    The nut of the long spring channel nut is made of carbon steel or stainless steel by punching machine. The nut center is tapped with internal thread. The size of the nut Length 34.5mm and Width 19mm. When the nut size is larger than M12, the width is 30mm. The thickness varies according to different nut specifications. The spring material is carbon steel or stainless steel. The length of the long spring type is 38-40 mm, the length of the short spring type is 18-20 mm, and non spring type is without spring. Special sizes of the nuts and springs can be customized.

    Strut spring nuts are designed to provide pullout and sideslip resistance in excess of the full strength of the channel steel used. These nuts are galvanized or hot dip galvanized and are designed for access and inserts. Indented alternate teeth are spaced and are designed to create wedging effects that increase with pressure or load. For installation of channel steel, insert spring nut into any position of channel steel length, and connect accessories to combine another channel steel into 90 ° rotation for bolt tightening. Easy to use, saving time and workings.

channel spring nut installation

Item Code Thread Size       d (mm)  Width  (mm) Length  (mm) Thickness     t (mm)
SPNTN-06 M6 19 34.5 6
SPNTN-08 M8 19 34.5 6
SPNTN-08 M8 19 34.5 8
SPNTN-10 M10 19 34.5 8
SPNTN-10 M10 19 34.5 9.2
SPNTN-12 M12 19 34.5 9.2
SPNTN-12 M12 19 34.5 11.8
SPNTN-16 M16 30 34.5 11
Item Code Thread Size     d (Inch) Width (mm) Length (mm) Thickness    t (mm)
SPNTN-140 1/4" 19 34.5 6
SPNTN-516 5/16" 19 34.5 6
SPNTN-516 5/16" 19 34.5 8
SPNTN-380 3/8" 19 34.5 8
SPNTN-380 3/8" 19 34.5 9.2
SPNTN-120 1/2" 19 34.5 9.2
SPNTN-120 1/2" 19 34.5 11.8
SPNTN-580 5/8" 30 34.5 11

**The special sizes are available as customers' inquiry.

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