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Metal Insulation Anchors

Supplying with the sizes of Head dia. 35 mm X Body Dia. 8 mm X Length from 50 mm-300 mm, madeof carbon steel, pre-galvanized steel, or Stainless steel and used in the external or internal wall of concrete,masonry,brick,cavity wall substrate for insulation usage and insert it into the drilled holes to fix by hammer.
  • Metric & Inch Standard
  • OEM
  • 3925900000

    Metal insulation anchors are designed to anchor fire-resistant insulation panels and panels with metal insulated fasteners into concrete and masonry substrates. After installation, the fixed head shall be fixed and sealed with adhesive tape to avoid moisture or contact with wet gypsum.

    They have a 35mm piercing head. A dome shaped reinforcing center is attached to the screw rod and screwed into various building materials, including concrete, brick, porous brick and hot-melt rock block. These metal insulation plugs are suitable for fixing mineral wool insulation to masonry walls and concrete arch webs in all applications requiring fire resistance.

    The material is made of carbon steel, galvanized sheet or stainless steel. When used with mineral wool fire-proof board in exterior wall insulation system, metal plate fire-proof plate fixings provide higher fire protection than other types of fixings. It is usually used in applications where horizontal or vertical fire barriers are required. Sheet metal fire resistant fixings are used to fix the mineral wool board to the base material. These metal insulation fixings are suitable for concrete, brick and other block work.

* Gypsum board thermal insulation and fireproof mechanical fixation.

* Fast and easy to use.

* Reliable Performance. 

* Non tearing countersink.

* Retaining filler for dished head.

* A variety of building materials are widely used.

* The platerboard board is fixed to the lightweight block without pre drilling.

* Fixed on concrete block and brick, need to drill installation guide hole.

metal insulation fixings installation

 Anchor Size mm Thickness mm  Anchor Dia. mm Anchor Length mm Drill Dia. mm
8 X 50 0.7 8 50 8
8 X 60 0.7 8 60 8
8 X 80 0.7 8 80 8
8 X 90 0.7 8 90 8
8 X 110 0.7 8 110 8
8 X 140 0.7 8 140 8
8 X 170 0.7 8 170 8
8 X 200 0.7 8 200 8
8 X 230 0.7 8 230 8
8 X 250 0.7 8 250 8
8 X 300 0.7 8 300 8

**The other size and special style are available as the samples and the drawing supplied.

** Plastic insulation fixings are also available.

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