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Metal Insulation Fixings

Made of carbon steel, pre-galvanized steel or stainless steel and used to fix the insulation board in the external or internal wall in the concrete,masonry or brick substrate to insert it into the drilled hole by hammer.
  • Metric Standard
  • OEM
  • 3925900000

   Metal insulation fixings is made of carbon steel or galvanized plate or stainless steel according to different needs and requirements of the use place. It is more suitable for the installation and fixing of rigid insulation board to the building  wall in the masonry,concrete or brick size. Its anchoring and fixing strength is stronger than that of plastic insulation plugs. It can directly drill through the insulating layer into the masonry base layer and hammer into the insulating plate to firmly fix it when installation.

   The 35mm diameter head with six punches can distribute the load to a larger area insulated roof fixings insulated roof fixings designed for sloping roof insulation fixings have a reinforced center in the shape of a dome connected to the patented precise spacing. Metal insulation anchor can be used to fix trapezoidal metal plates, concrete or wood. similar to facade fixings for thermal insulation, fixings have a large circular or elliptical head for distributing and resisting wind suction loads. The fixings are designed to prevent the damage of waterproof membrane and adopt high-quality anti-corrosion protection.

   The metal insulation fixings is suitable for fixing the mineral wool insulation layer on the brick wall and the concrete arch web. Metal anchor wall plugs are also suitable for fixing insulation panels. Or the use of external wall insulation layer can also produce and supply 304 grade stainless steel products to achieve higher requirements of installation purposes.

insulation plugs installationwall insulation plugs usage

 Anchor Size mm Thickness mm  Anchor Dia. mm Anchor Length mm Drill Dia. mm
8 X 50 0.7 8 50 8
8 X 60 0.7 8 60 8
8 X 80 0.7 8 80 8
8 X 90 0.7 8 90 8
8 X 110 0.7 8 110 8
8 X 140 0.7 8 140 8
8 X 170 0.7 8 170 8
8 X 200 0.7 8 200 8
8 X 230 0.7 8 230 8
8 X 250 0.7 8 250 8
8 X 300 0.7 8 300 8

****The various metal material used to produce and other specification are available as customers' demand.

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