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Nylon hammer fixings are used in the concrete, masonry, solid brick wall for quick and easy fixing and installation. The nails or the screws are made from carbon steel or stainless steel and plated by bright or yellow zinc plating. The anchor body plugs are made from a tough durable nylon and have a strong plug and head to support nail to drive into the substrate for expanding when usage.

Nylon frame anchors are pre-assembled through fixing, a nail expanding the nylon plug in concrete, solid masonry and hollow wall constructions. The design of the expansion nail used in the hammer fixings concrete could be removed if being needed. There is a small slot across the head of the nail to accommodate a small screwdriver blade, when turned anti-clockwise by the screwdriver the nail will be wound part way back out of the nylon plug. This enables a claw hammer to be hooked under the protruding head of the nail and pulled out of the nylon plug. After drawing the expansion nail fully you could pry out the nylon anchor plug body.


  • Nylon body for long life and good durability.

  • Simple tool with a  hammer  installation,  No screw driver required.

  • Nail can be removed or loosened

  • Better loading capacities.

  • Anti rotation barbs prevent the anchor from rotating in the hole.

  • Nylon plug reduces cold bridging compared with metal fixings and also assists in shear capacity.

  • Largely resistant to chemical attack.

Application Area

  • Fast and easy fixing of timber or metal door and window frames to concrete, stone, brickwork or blockwork.

  • All kinds of timber including laths, frames, wall connection or render profiles, skirting boards, wall angles, cable ducts, cable and pipe clips, sheets etc.

Installation guide

  • Drill a hole as the Nylon body dia. using the fixture as a template. If the fixture thickness is less than the maximum, increase the hole depth accordingly.

  • Remove the debris with a hand pump, compressed air, or vacuum.

  • Insert the Anchor through the material being fastened and push to its full depth in the hole until the collar of the anchor contacts the fixture.

  • Insert the screw nail and tap with a hammer to expand the anchor for secure fixing.

  • Screw or hammer home the drive screw until the head is flush with the collar of the anchor. The drive screw can easily be removed with a screwdriver.

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