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   The usage function of nylon frame fixing anchor allows to be used in solid wall, concrete or brick building materials with a fixture and anchorage depth according to the actual installation objects ensuring an economical fixing and safety.

  A series of nylon frame fixing anchor is a fast and effective way to fix door and window frames, as well as any other wood products to concrete or masonry substrate. They are most commonly used to secure door and window frames to concrete or brick walls.

   The design of one wing and two wings and the blocky surface of the nylon  plug  anchor body is to enhance the friction force in the drilled hole and avoid sliding.Easily and fast to install, to turn the screw head by screwdriver to drive it into the nylon plug and to expand.The high strenght nylon materials of anchor body have better tensile strength and performance than the common plastic materials.   

how to install nylon frame fixings

* Anchor plug is made of Nylon-PA,PE.

* Design of single wing and double wings types.

* Drill a hole and insert the plug.

* To fasten screw by tool to fix the objects in concrete, masonry, brick or solid wall substrate.

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