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Nylon Insulation Fixings

Designed conical head, spiral thread and rhombus body improving performance and used to anchor-fix insulation board in the wall of concrete,masonry or brick wall substrate and insert it into the pre-drilled hole for installation.The other color and special styles are available as customers' inquiry.
  • Metric Standard
  • OEM
  • 3925900000

   Nylon insulation fixings is made of high-quality reinforced nylon material in white or clear, which is very suitable for the installation and fixation of external wall insulation layer on porous solid brick and light concrete base. This product does not have expansion nail, solid plug body. With unique product design and tapered head, the insulation nail can be inserted into the predrilled hole quickly and conveniently. The spiral thread body and the rhombus body greatly strengthen the friction and fixing strength between the product and the hole wall, and improve the installation strength and service life of the product.

* The lowest buried depth with the largest high performance parameter.

* Minimum drilling depth - saving installation time.

* High technical parameters to ensure product safety.

* Realization of the optimal reduction of the hot bridge diameter by the second forming of the impact screw.

* The composite screw minimizes the thermal bridge and there is no fixed mark on the facade.

* Concave installation, round cover provides smooth surface, making the rendering layer thinner.

* Bit wear and less drilling time by flush installation, the valve disc gradually thins to a very thin edge, so as to provide the best fixing of insulating board and the application of thin plastering.

insulation plugs installationexternal wall insulation plugs size

 Anchor Size mm  Plug Dia. mm Plug Length mm Drill Dia. mm
8 X 50 8 50 8
8 X 70 8 70 8
8 X 90 8 90 8
8 X 110 8 110 8
8 X 130 8 130 8

**The other sizes and special styles are available as the samples or the drawings.

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