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Nylon Rawl Plugs

    Nylon rawl plugs are suitable to fix the objects in the concrete,masonry,brick or solid wall substrate material.They are ideal for the medium and light duty applications. During the installation in the soft material, to reduce the drill diameter is a reasonable operation.

   They are designed with two way expansion system, which provides a rapid fixing and anchoring with a high pull out value strength. The plugs are also designed with protruding side fins on the plug body surface which restrict rotation in the drilled hole and prevent falling out from overhead hole.That greatly strengthens the firmness of anchorage and fixation and the safety of installation .

    Made from the high density polyethylene plastic materials complying with RoHS certificate with environment protection, UV proof and fire resistance, which will not shrink or rot and bears variant temperatures and damp environments. Meantime, the polyethylene used is self lubricating featurewhich means the screw is less likely to bind in the plug and provide a quick and durable  fixing in the masonry and concrete site. The normal color is in red, yellow and brown supplied.

   During the installation, to drill a hole according to the diameter of the plugs and insert the plug into the hole and use the self-drilling screw or wood screw together to fix the objects.

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