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Nylon Toggle Anchor

Made of reinforced nylon materials in white and provided vibration proof and safety function of the light to medium loading fixtures in the hollow wall, cavity wall, and the ceilings place.
  • Metric Standard
  • OEM
  • 3925900000

   Nylon toggle anchor supplies with vibration proof and installation application to fix and anchor the fixtures for the light to medium loading power in hollow wall or the ceiling place. During the installation, If there are the unexpected objects, they could also be fixed securely. 

    They are made of high-quality reinforced nylon materials, which are impact proof, moisture-proof, high and low temperature resistant, insulation and other properties, and have strong toughness and firmness, thus ensuring the safety and firmness of installation. They are designed without increasing the size of the inserting hole, the arm is thickened and strengthened, and without increasing the size of the anchor, the main stress points are significantly strengthened. Use elbow bolts for maximum hollow wall fixing strength.

*Drill a pilot hole into the wall.

*Fold nylon toggle anchor and insert into the pilot hole.

*Usethe tool to push through the screw hole to deploy the dowel back from the basis place.

*Insert the screw through the object being fixed.

*Tight the screw till firmly in the place.

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