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Nylon Wall Plug Lip Head

Designed lip head style and made of good grade polyamide in grey or other color providing the diameter from 4 mm to 16 mm and the length from 20 mm to 100 mm used to install the fixtures in concrete,brick or solid wall.
  • Metric Standard
  • OEM
  • 3925900000

    Nylon wall plug with lip head is made of high quality nylon material. It is the most common and traditional expanded nylon wall anchor for light anchoring of concrete, solid brick and solid block. It's a pair of wings and is a fiber or plastic (initially wood) insert used to connect porous or fragile screw materials, otherwise it will not be able to support the weight of the object connected with the screw. 

    The unique lip design of the outer protrusion of the head makes the head of the pipe body close to the hole to prevent the pipe body from falling into the air, which enhances the safety operation of the installation. It allows screws to be installed to a brick wall. Wall plugs come in many forms, but the most common principle is to use tapered  plug made of soft materials such as plastic. Loosely insert it into the bore hole and tighten the screw to the center. When the screw enters the plug, the soft material of the plug expands, which is closely consistent with the wall material. When screws, nails, adhesives or other simple fasteners are impractical or ineffective, such anchors can attach one object to another. Different types have different strength levels and can be used for different types of surfaces.

wall plug usagescrew and plastic plug

Anchor Size mm Plug Dia. mm Plug Length mm Drill Dia. mm
4 X 20 4 20 4
5 X 25 5 25 5
6 X 30 6 30 6
7 X 35 7 35 7
8 X 40 8 40 8
10 X 50 10 50 10
12 X 60 12 60 12
14 X 75 14 75 14
14 X 100 14 100 14
16 X 80
16 80 16

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