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Nylon Wall Plug

Made of nylon or PE materials in various color and fastened by self-drilling screw, wood screw or chipboard screw to expand the anchor plug to fix the objects in the concrete,masonry, or solid brick substrate for installation.
  • Metric Standard
  • OEM
  • 3925900000

   Nylon wall plug is made of high grade nylon, which is used for expansion and fixation of self drilling screws, wood screws and other fixing devices. Special fixing can be pre-positioned and time-saving pushing during installation. In this way, the sliding and moving of the plug in the hole can be avoided, and the strength of friction and expansion load can be strengthened.

   The internal structure of the plug body allows ideal adjustment with standard metric screws or threaded stud to suit the purpose of the intended usage.Since the plug expands in only two directions, the expansion force can be guided by turning the plug parallel to the edge of the building material.The nylon wall plug has the models of  the head with lip and the flat head. The nylon wall plug with lip can make the lip close to the hole tightly and avoid the wall plug falling into the hole.The structure of the thin plug makes it easy to push the plug into the drilling hole, so as to realize quick and simple installation. 

   The traditional metric screws and threaded stud are used to screw into the wall plugs with high flexibility.The expansion wing extends parallel to the edge of the building material, reducing the distance from the edge. Due to the thin geometry of the plug, the assembly is simple. Nylon wall plugs are suitable for pre-positioning and push in installation.

plastic screw wall plugnylon wall plug installation

Anchor Size mm Plug Dia. mm Plug Length mm  Drill Dia. mm
4 X 20 4 20 4
5 X 25 5 25 5
6 X 30 6 30 6
7 X 35 7 35 7
8 X 40 8 40 8
10 X 50 10 50 10
12 X 60 12 60 12
14 X 75 14 75 14
14 X 100 14 100 14
16 X 80
16 80 16

***The various color and special style are available as customers' inquiry.

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