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Plastic Fixing Plugs

In red-yellow-brown,made from high class PE plastic materials conforming to RoHS standard and used to expand the fixing plugs by fastening the screw to fix the objects in concrete or masonry building substrate.
  • Metric & Inch Standard
  • OEM
  • 3925900000

       Plastic fixing plugs are ideal for the light or medium fixtures installation in concrete,masonry or brick building substate. According to the usage situation, The red fixing plugs are the main plug used by electricians in cable wire installation filed. The brown fixing plugs are for heavier fixing fitments. The yellow fixing plug are for smaller, lighter fixing fitments. 

      Because of being made from high quality polyethylene, its superior quality feature means that they're less brittle than other wall plugs. Their innovative design features two way expansion to give a strong fixing and anchoring strength, the ribbed sides on the fixing plug body to avoid rotation and a lipped head is to stop it moving.They expand at the end giving anchoring power and anti rotation feature prevent turning in the drilled hole.

       Its working principle is same as the plastic expanding anchor. To tighten the self-drill or wood screw into the center hole of the fixing plug by the screwdriver and expand the end of fixing plug. That realizes the anchorage power in the drilled hole. The size in red fixing plug is 5.5 mm dia. X 32 mm Length, The size in yellow fixing plug is 6.0 mm diameter X 23 mm Length. The size in brown fixing plug is 7.0 mm diameter X 40 mm Length.

      The special size,style and color are available  according to the samples and the sketches supplied by the customers.

fixing plug red sizefixing plug yellow sizefixing plug in brownfixing plug size


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