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   Plastic insulation fixings is a kind of special plastic expanding fixing anchor, which is made of the  engineering plastic to fix the insulation board on the wall in concrete or brick substrate in the insulation system industry. Insulation plugs is a kind of special product used for external wall insulation function, which is widely used in building decoration and anchoring of wall insulation building.

   There are many specifications, mainly composed of galvanized nail or plastic nail, nylon riser and fixed pieces. According to the thickness of insulation layer, it can be divided into various specifications.

    During installation, make a hole in advance according to the outer diameter of the insulation plug body, then insert it into the hole, and hammer it into the hole. Or use a hammer to drive a nail, so that the anchor body expands and fixes the object on the surface of the outer wall or the inner wall.

plastic insulation fixings usage

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