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Plastic Plasterboard Fixings

Being available various end styles, made from nylon in grey or other color with the self-drilling or wood screw to fasten the plug to expand or to fix the objects in plasterboard substrate.
  • Metric & Inch Standard
  • OEM
  • 3925900000

     Plastic plasterboard fixings are screwed by screwdriver tool and to be flush to the surface in plasterboardare.During positioned installation, No pre-drilling hole is necessary for single or thin board, To drill hole is need for the double or thick board. They can bear wood, plasterboard,fiberboard or chipboard, they are fastened by self-drilling or wood screws  as well as various hook and eye bolt. Being suitable for quick and safe installations. The sharp head, protruding head lip and self tapping thread realize this function.

    They are  made of high quality nylon, firm and tough. This ensures that the product has strong expansion force and installation safety in use. The other plastic materials could not be used to produce them.   

    As for the working principle, some are needed to be drilled into the board and screwed into the center hole in the plug. Some are done without the screw in as the top of the plug has a slotted head.  It is not necessary to drill a pilot hole as they have a pointed shaft which will make its own hole when pushed and screwed. nylon plasterboard fixing sizesnylon speed plug specifications


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